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Fully Restored 1966 Lambro 550

Registered, Taxed and MOT'd
Restored Lambro 550 1966

Restored Lambro 550 1966


This Lambro has been fully restored by us at using either its own refurbished parts or NOS replacements. This model of Lambro is a 200cc, twin-headlight model with 10" wheels and a 550kg carrying capacity. The engine is located inside the cab. The colour for the paint on this restoration was colour matched to the original Innocenti paint. It is registered in the UK, MOT'd and taxed. The vehicle is completely standard and rebuilt to the original Innocenti specification.

This is a list of the work completed during the restoration:

  • Full engine rebuild including new MEC crank, all bearings and seals, new piston and barrel rebore.
  • The front suspension has been completely rebuilt
  • Rear leaf spring void bushes replaced
  • Rear axle completely rebuilt with new bearings and seals.
  • Rear brake drums, hub back plates, wheel cylinders, brake shoes and handbrake mechanism have been replaced with NOS Lambretta parts.
  • The Rotoflex couplings have been replaced with NOS parts.
  • The front hub and brake assembly has been rebuild with NOS brake hub, shoes, bearings and seals.
  • All rubbers including windscreen rubber, door seals, seat rubbers and window rubbers have been replaced.
  • New Tyres and tubes
  • Full 2 pack paint