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Lambros and France

Lambretta F300Lambretta F300 Three Wheeler

The F300 was marketed along side the FD 125 in France. It was available as chassis only, a pickup back version (with optional tarpaulin cover to resemble a closed box) and with an option of a 'habitacle' for the driver.

The F300 was a little cheaper than the Italian produced FD125 and had very similar performance specifications.

If is important to identify whether the three-wheeler is the F300 or the FD125 (and as both are 125cc) it is important to not assume that if it was purchased in France, its not necessarily an F300. Here are some useful identifying features to differentiate between them.

This list is by no means exhaustive, there are many differences and many similarities. These are some of the ones you are likely to see in photos. Amendments were also made to both vehicles over the course of their production, the pictures are taken from one specific parts manual for each model.




Rear Number Plate holder and light
Side marker lights
Battery Tray


Technical Specifications


Type Two Stroke Ignition Magnetic Flywheel
Bore 52mm Type 4 pole
Stroke 58mm Power 30 watts
Displacement 123cm cubed 113 Advance 25 degrees (marked on the rotor)
Fiscal Power 1 HP    
Effective Power 4 HP 8 at 5000rpm Carburettor Dell 'Orto MA 18 B 3
Volumetric Ratio 1 at 6.8 Max Jet 75
Normal RPM 4000 Idle Jet 45
Maximum RPM 5000 Needle Position Middle notch
Crank connecting rod mounted on needle bearings Clutch 3 disc operating in oil
Number and Size of Needles 26 needles x 11.8    



Front Brake via cable Front Suspension Forks
Rear Brakes Hydraulic brakes operated with foot pedal    
  Handbrake operated by lever (via cable) Rear Suspension Leaf Spings
Wheels 8" rim Tyres 4 x 8



Capacity of Casing 0.5 litre Weight Unladed inc accessories (spare wheel, jack &tools)
Capacity of petrol tank 7.5litres Bare Frame 130kg
Capacity of Reserve 0.7 litre Pickup Model 170kg



  Bare Chassis Pickup Tarpaulin Back
Length (m) 2.430 2.540 2.540
Height (m) 0.950 0.990 1.800
Ground Clearance (m) 0.125 0.125 0.125
Width (m) 1.300 1.300 1.300

*Figures taken from the Notice D'Entretien - specifics may vary depending on model and year

Documents and Downloads


Notice D'Entretien
Fourgonette F300

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Catalogue de Piéces Détachées
Fourgonette F300

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Catalogue de Piéces Détachées
October 1957

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ADDITIFS Catalogue de Piéces Détachées
(includes post 1957 amendments)

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Lambro 125

Although the 175cc and 200cc versions of the Lambro were marketed and sold in France, The Lambro 125 was the 125cc version of the Lambro 175 and Lambro 450. The Lambro 125 was built in Milan at the Innocenti factory alongside the 175cc and 200cc versions. The Lambro 125 was known previously as the Lambretta Li 125 (Fli 125).

The 125cc engine meant that the Lambro 125 was a 'sans permis' vehicle. This allowed anyone over the age of 16 to drive the Lambro with no driving licence.

The earlier Lambro 125, based on the Lambro 175 shared the chassis prefix of M41 but the later Lambro 125 based on the Lambro 450 had the chassis prefix of M41/5.




Square Cab Lambros

The Lambro 500L was produced with a 125cc for the French market although as previously it was marketed alongside the larger 200cc 550V model (the one with the steering wheel).

Very few of the Lambro 500L were produced with the 125cc engine for the French market.