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Lambretta Li 175 Series 1

Italian Production Dates: July 1959 - July 1960
Frame Prefix: T41


The Lambretta Li 175 Series 1 introduced in 1959 featured another increase of 25cc in capacity to 175cc and included another forward gear, giving the Li 175 four forward and one reverse gear.

The Series 1 Li 175 had the same cab as the FDC including the sunshine roof. The Series 1 also retained a hand-start mechanism similar to the FDC. The handlebars were changed to handlebars more similar in style to the Series One scooter. There were cosmetic changes such as an additional 'Li 175' script badge was added to the front. The reverse mechanism was moved to a unit mounted on the side of the central chassis cover within the cab, rather than being operated by a foot pedal (as on the FDC).

Although avaliable with the handstart as used on the FDC, the Series 1 was also avaliable with a kickstart engine, and therefore an altered seat base.

The model D rear light was used on this model with an extra bulb holder for a brake light. The Series 1 Li 175 were produced for only a year before being replaced by the Series 2.


Technical Details

Overall Dimensions

Maximum Length: Open Body Type:  2590mm Maximum height: Cabin: 1620mm
  Closed Body Type: 2570mm   Open Body: 775mm
      Box Body: 1415mm
Maximum width (excluding side lamps): 1330mm    
Ground Clearance: 120mm Track width: 1180mm
Wheelbase: 1650mm    


Frame and Cabin

Frame Central beam type in steel tubing welded to a quadrilateral over structure for fitting cabin and body – cradle for spare wheel.
Front suspension: by means of rocker arms connected to levers with end balls compressing through guide pistons two variable pitch helical springs.
  Shock absorbers can be applied as an accessory.
Rear suspension: two longitudinal multi-leaf springs, rigidly attached to the frame at the front end and shackled at the rear.
  Rear shock absorbers can be fitted as an accessory
Cabin: In pressed steel sheet metal with open roof, rear blind with window, dashboard, holes for fitting door hinges and rear mirror.
Windscreen: Curved glass windscreen with rubber beading.
Windscreen Wiper: Windscreen wiper hand operated (an electrical windscreen wiper can be fitted in place)
Seat: Double seat bench over engine cover
Doors: Doors (accessory) complete with fixed glass window and glass deflectors (left hand door with normal type lock, right hand door with locking device in handle).


Wheels and Brakes

Wheels Interchangeable wheels Tyres: front 4.00 x 8” T (T mark indicated heavy tread tyres for commercial use)
  Rims in pressed steel in two halves Tyre pressures at full load: Front: 2 kg/cm square (28 ½ ls/
Brakes: Internal expansion brakes. Cable control from right hand lever for front brake, hydraulic pedal for rear brakes.   Rear: 3.25 kg/cm square (46 lbs/
  Hand lever parking brakes on rear wheels.    


Rear Axle:

Consisting of: central differential box:
  rear axle housing;
  sliding half-shafts easily withdrawn by removal of wheel flange


Electrical Equipment

Flywheel Magneto 40W (nominal) 8 A fuses
6 V-20 Ah Battery Main Key switch Headlamp switch. Flasher control and horn button
Bulb Position and details    
Headlamp 1 pilot bulb 6 V-3 W 1 dual filament main bulb V-25/25W.
Side parking bulb 2 festoons 6 V-1.5W
Flashers 2 festoons 6W-1.5W
Rear Lamp 1 stop light bulb 6V-20W
  1 Tail light bulb 6 V-3W
  hydraulic switch control by rear brakes master cylinder
On dashboard 2 bulbs 6V-1.5W
Speedometer bulb 1 bulb 6V.1.5W



Engine: Single cylinder two stoke, forced air cooled. Carburettor Dell’Orto MA 19 BS 5 – Cartridge type air filter
Bore: 62mm Choke: 19
Stroke: 58mm Max. Jet: 80
Capacity: 175cc Pilot Jet: 40
Compression Ratio: 7 Starter Jet: 55
Output: 7 H.P. at 4750 R.P.M.    

Ignition By flywheel magneto – External H.T.Coil – Fixed advance.
Spark Plug: during running in – 225 Bosch scale heat range
  after running-in – 225 – 240 Bosch scale heat range, according to conditions
Start: Hand Lever (on right hand side of driver)
Clutch: Multi-disc type in oil bath
Gear Box: 4 speed and reverse with constant mesg gears, connected to layshaft by means of cursor.
Total transmission ratios
1st gear: 1/28.050
  2nd gear: 1/16.107
  3rd gear: 1/10.131
  4th gear: 1/6.875
  Reverse: 1/29.987
Transmission From engine to gear box, by gears with damper.
  From gearbox to rear axle, by hollow shaft with splined sliding sleeve and two elastic joints



Dry Weight with accessories and doors. Open Type Body              265kg Internal height of body (box type)   840mm
  Box Type body                  287kg    
Internal length of Body Open Type Body              1230mm Max. pay load 350kg
  Box Type body                  1080mm    
Internal width of body Open Type Body              1230mm Max Speed Empty   38 mph (61km/h)
  Box Type body                  1100mm   At full load 36 mph (58km/h)
Min. Turning Radius: 2300mm Tank Capacity: 11.5 litres
    Range: 170 miles

(to CUNA rules) at full load at 22m.p.h: 80m.p.g (3.5lit/km)


Documents and Pictures


NOTE: Technical specifications have been taken directly from Innocenti documentation eg User Manuals for each model. Later workshop manuals and amendments made after the publication of each manual may mean that these details appear differently in other documentation and may be different for your particular model.

Lambretta 175 li Instruction Manual( Prop. 2061/IN -10-59)

Innocenti Sales Leaflet prop 316/59