Special Uses of the Lambro

Lambro 175 and Lambro 200

The Lambro 175 and 200 were produced with a pickup body, van body or as a chassis-only. Licensees, concessionaires and importers were producing a range of specialist backs for the Lambro. Although the Lambro was being adapted previously to these models, Innocenti released a document in December 1963 alongside the launch of these models to advertise many examples of their use.

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Special Uses of the Lambro - November 1969

At this stage of the Lambro, Innocenti shipped overseas only the chassis as it was viewed uneconomical to ship the pickup and van bodies. This opened up the market even more for companies to specialise in the manufacture of special bodies and this was something that Innocenti were keen to encourage. In 1969 they produced a new leaflet called ‘Lambro-Special Uses’. This leaflet was designed to attract customers from Public Utlility companies, municipalities and Public Administrations by visually demonstrating the Lambro's use to date.

Examples of their use included the following:

Municipal Authorities for garbage disposal service, firefighting, street maintenance, city police, transportation of people (microbus)
Government Authorities for postal and telegraphic services
Hospitals and universities
Farmers and Agricultural Unions for a quick transportation of produce to gathering centres, for irrigation, sprinking
Air Companies and Port Authorities for internal services
Automobile Clubs for road-side help
Companies distributing electric power and drinking water, telephone companies for maintenance services
Co-operative socities, unions of retailers for distribution of products; chain and large stores for quick supply of goods
Oil Companies for home delivery of fuel (oil, gas, liquid tec)
Distribution of drinks and food products

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Lambro 175/ 200 Special Applications - Decmber 1963
Lambro Special Uses -November 1969