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In this section you will find details about:

History of the Lambro - A brief summary of the progression of the Lambro models through their production years. We have written very little about the history of Innocenti itself as this is well documented across the internet.

The models of three-wheelers produced by Innocenti. You will find information ranging from the cosmetic differences, to engine and carrying capacities, to gear ratios.

We have uncovered and very kindly been given access to two beautiful documents produced by Innocenti regarding the Special Uses of the Lambro, pictures from these leaflets can be found here.

We have produced a timeline showing the production of Lambros in relation to the Lambretta Scooters which you will find here. An interesting insight into how the developments in each type of vehicle were replicated across Innocenti's production.

For technical information about parts, restoration and Tips, please visit the Workshop Section.