Some hints and advice about getting your vehicle on the road. From buying and importing to registering and riding

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What you need to know - the basics

In the section we previously answered a lot of the frequently asked questions about getting your Lambro on the road. As the Brexit Transition period has now ended, the rules and processes for importing and registering your vehicles have now changed in the UK.

For vehicles which have already been NOVA'd, the registration process is much the same as previously (We will put those details further down the page). As previously, you cannot register a vehicle in the UK unless it has a NOVA but the process for getting this done has now changed.

PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE IMPORTANCE OF A NOVA - there are genuine reasons why a vehicle may not have a NOVA but they are few and far between. This whole process has become a lot more complicated if your vehicle does not have one. You do not receive a certificate for NOVA unless the application was done in paper format, online applications just produce a number. PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE THE NOVA NUMBER FROM A SELLER (preferably on the invoice relating to the sale) to prevent huge complications in the registration process.

The details regarding NOVA and the processes are still being published so this information is likely to change, more will become evident in the coming months no doubt! There are two situations regarding NOVA.

Vehicle imported before 1st January 2021 but no NOVA
The 14 day grace period for Notifying DVLA of a Vehicle's Arrival, imported on the 31st December 2020 (last day of the transition period), ended midnight 13th January 2021. There are a few technicalities in terms of who may be fined for a vehicle not having been NOVA'd, whether VAT is due etc but we suspect it is likely to be complicated. We would recommend calling HMRC and explaining your set of circumstances as to why the vehicle does not have a NOVA (honestly) and ask for their advice. To prevent owing fines and VAT and having to appeal that, it is better to check with HMRC as soon as you realise the issue and get their most up to date advice. Take a note of the name of the call handler for reference.

Vehicle imported after 1st January 2021
VAT and Duty will be due on import depending on where you are importing from. There are further details here on the Goverment website. However, we would suggest seriously consider employing the services of an experienced customs agent or intermediary. The customs forms are complicated and you will need specialist software, training and a CHIEF badge for submission of full customs declarations. Vehicles will not be allowed across the border to the UK if the correct declarations and paperwork are not in place.

You can find a list of customs agents here on the Goverment website

VAT will be due on the vehicle price, shipping/transport costs and any accessories and parts you have imported. If you organise for the import to be expidited through customs and the vehicle is released before VAT is paid, you will still have to pay this. The vehicle cannot be registered without it being paid.

We cannot stress the importance of getting the paperwork correct for your import. As mentioned above, using an experienced customs agent is highly recommended.


The Registration Process with a NOVA (and applicable VAT paid)

If your vehicle has a NOVA and any VAT due has been paid, the registration process (at the time of writing) is the same.

The V55/5 form - Fill in as much information as you can. The form is fairly generic as it covers first registration of all used vehicles so some of the boxes are not applicable. Our advice is to send a covering note with the form which has your contact phone number on and ask the DVLA to call you if there is anything missing that they require. MAKE SURE your chassis number matches the number used on the NOVA submission. Sometimes applications are rejected and sent back, but if this happens they should provide you with details of why.

Dating Cerificate / Letter of Authenticity - You will need a dating certificate to authenticate your Lambro from an authenticated Club or Represetative. You can search the list on the FBHVC website.

MOT - You do not need to send the MOT certfiicate for your vehicle (unless you have one and would like to!) You will need to send the V112 form (exemption from MOT) with your application though. The form can be found here

Posting the form - its expensive but worth sending the form by Special Delivery. It saves it going missing and having to reapply. The DVLA recommend waiting 6 weeks after applying before chasing them so ensuring it gets there may save you a great deal of time.

Make sure you read the required documentation carefully, including what identification your require for registration. Once you are happy, send the form, all the paperwork and your cheque to the DVLA and then you may commence watching for the postman!

There are also companies who can assist you with the registration process for a fee, if you are struggling with the process.