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Our Experiences

When I purchased my first Lambro it was an exciting voyage of discovery. Having owned and worked on many Lambretta models over the years the Lambro was a new adventure into the history of Innocenti as its production ran side by side with the Lambretta scooters over the years. During those years the technology in the Lambros changed in step with the Lambrettas and this is evident when working on the different models and comparing the changes to the scooters of the same era.

Initially I found it very hard to get assistance. Technical details and parts for Lambros are pretty scarce compared to the Lambretta scooters however some of the Lambretta dealers have ventured into Lambros and carry a fair amount of remade and new old stock parts. We have done a lot of research in various archives, consulted as much Innocenti documentation as possible, spoken to the knowledgeable members of the Lambro community and gained as much information as possible from the experience of actually working on the various models to put this information together.

The workshop section focuses mainly at this stage on the Li 175 Series 1 and 2 models although there are many similarities between these and the other three-wheeler models. We will be including tips from me to compliment the information provided by Innocenti. We have included infomation about these models, not as a preference but as our experience is with these models and we are yet to unearth the information for the other models!

We don’t claim to know everything about Lambro’s or that this guide is in any way definitive but as there is virtually nothing on the internet for the rapidly growing number of enthusiasts in the UK and around the world we decided to get as much infomation together as possible and make it free and accessible. If you think any of the information on here to be incorrect or know of any omissions please let us know and we will add it to the site. We have learned much about the Lambro and its history in the last few years but I am sure there is a lot more information that would be useful for the community to know and which is worth preserving for posterities sake.

Ian Jackson

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