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Lambretta 150 FD-C

Italian Production Dates: October 1957 - May 1959
Frame Prefix: T40

'the latest version of a light-weight transporter giving economy, easy parking, comfort with ease of manoeuvrability'

The FDC model was launched in 1957 and was the first of the Lambretta three-wheelers to feature a cab.

Advertised as 'ample' the cabin featured a roll-back canvas sun-shine roof. The seat was a bench seat which at the time of the FDC's release was advertised as for two people. Features of the cabin included a large area windcreen to give all round visability, windscreen wiper, speedometer, anti-theft steering, steering head damper. A tool box was mounted on the chassis behind the cab, to carry a jack and wheel spanner and a spare wheel was carried in a cradle at the rear.

The engine for the FDC was a single cylinder two-stoke 150cc with the same power unit as the Lambretta scooter although transmission ratios were altered to accommodate the maximum output of the power unit. The engine was mounted vertically on three flexible supports to the main central beam. The chassis itself was created from high resistance steel tubing. The cabin, body and seat structure were welded. The FDC was the first of the Lambretta three-wheelers to come with a pedal controlled reverse gear.

The transmission was provided by means of tubular propellor shaft with front splined sliding sleeve; front and rear Hardy Spicer couplings with a fully floating rear axle with splined half shafts and bevel geared differential in an oil bath.

Two standard bodies were avaliable for the body space behind Cab

  1. Truck type with low sides and drop tailboard
  2. Van type with lift-up side loading door

The Lambretta FDC 150 was also avaliable to buy as 'chassis' only enabling concessionaries, carrozzeria and individuals to design many variations for the FDC.



Capacity: 148cc (57 x 58mm) Maximum Length: 8'5" (m. 2.570)
Maximum Output: 6hp Maximum width: 4'4 1/2 (m 1.330)
Tank Capacity: 2 1/2 imp.gals (3 US gals; lt 11.5) Height of cabin: 5'5" (m. 1620)
Maximum Speed: 36 - 37 mph (km/h 58 - 60) Overall height of platform type box: 2.8" (m. 0.810)
Normal fuel consumption: 85 (71 3lt/100km) Ground clearance: 5" (m. 0.125)
Range: 187 miles (km 300) Overall height on enclosed box: 4'7 1/2" (m. 1.415)
Wheelbase: 5'5'' (m 1.650) Operable length: 3'11" (m. 1.200) width: 3'7" (m.1.100)
Wheel Track: 3'10 1/2" (m 1.180) height of enclosed box: 2'10" (m. 0.860)
Turning Circle: 7'6" (m. 2.300) Maximum loading capacity: 6 cwt. (kg. 350)
Unladen weight and chassis with accessories (spare wheel and tools) 4 cwt. (kg. 207


Overall Dimensions

Maximum Length: 2570mm Maximum height: Cabin: 1820mm
Maximum width : 1330mm   Open Body: 810mm
Ground Clearance: 125mm   Box Body:1415mm
Wheelbase: 1650mm Track width: 1180mm



Engine: Single cylinder two stoke, forced air cooled. Carburettor Dell’Orto MA 19 B4– Cartridge type air filter
Bore: 57mm Max. Jet: 72
Stroke: 58mm    
Capacity: 148cc Output: 6 H.P. at 4600 R.P.M.
Compression Ratio: 6.5 Cylinder Mouted Vertically


Start: hand lever located to the right of the driver
Clutch Multi-disc type in oil bath
Transmission From engine to gearbox: bevel gears
  From gearbox to rear axle: by hollow shaft with splined couplings and two flexible couplings




Dry Weight with accessories Open Body: 245kg Max. pay load 350kg
  Box Body: 275kg Max Speed 58-60km/h (approx 36-37mph)
Useable length of Body 1200mm Tank Capacity inc 1.5lt reserve: 11.5 litres
Useable width of body 1100mm Range: 300km
Useable height of body (box type)   860mm Min. Turning Radius: 2300mm

(to CUNA rules) : (3lit/100km)

Documents and Pictures


NOTE: Technical specifications have been taken directly from Innocenti documentation eg User Manuals for each model. Later workshop manuals and amendments made after the publication of each manual may mean that these details appear differently in other documentation and may be different for your particular model.

Lambretta Sales Leaflet (Prop. 1166/G.B 1-58)