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Workshop Services

We are very proud to be the only dedicated Lambro workshop in the UK. Our services range from full bare metal restorations to servicing and MOT work and everything in between. Below are some of the services that we can offer.

If you would like to discuss our services or visit our workshop, please contact us at

Restoration Services

Full Restoration

from £9,500

Full bare metal restoration. The Lambro would be fully stripped and all parts assessed. All body work is shotblasted and necessary welding work completed. Once at the bodyshop for a two pack paint job, we recondition parts where possible, source all missing parts and those that require replacement, rebuild the engine and front and rear suspension. All aluminium and chrome is polished and brake pipes replaced. Once we have rebuilt the Lambro, the brakes and engine are configured and troubleshooted ready for the MOT. All of our restorations come with an MOT if applicable and if not already registered in the UK, we will process the Lambro through the DVLA and take to inspection if required.

Your Lambro will be returned with 12 months MOT, ready to enjoy.

Notes: price for a full restoration assumes that you provide us with a Lambro. We can source you a Lambro at additional cost if necessary. Price indicated above is based on previous restorations. Depending on the condition of the vehicle this price may be different. A more exact quotation can be obtained once we have seen the vehicle


Rebuild from £3,000
If you have already had your Lambro shot-blasted and painted and have collected all the necessary parts that you require but you have run out of steam or time, we can offer you a rebuild service. As part of this service we would MOT and Register your Lambro (if necessary) and return it to you as a complete restoration. The price indicated does assume that the Lambro is ready to be put back together, with all parts painted/purchased/reconditioned/cleaned etc. If this is not quite the case we can work with you to ascertain what work needs to be carried out and provide you with a quotation to complete the build.


Partial Rebuild Services

Aside from restorations of the entire Lambro we can rebuild seperate components. All prices include parts, labour and sundries associated with the rebuild.

As the technology used in the various models changes, so too do the costs associated with the parts required for certain aspects of a rebuild. Many parts are being remanufactured but in some cases where they are not, it is necessary to source NOS parts from Italy. The prices below show an indication as to the costs involved. To supply you with an accurate quotation we would need to ideally see the condition of your existing parts to judge to scope of work. If this is not possible, photographs along with the model number will allow us to be more accurate.

We can in addition supply entire components where necessary, for example should your Lambro be missing its rear axle or engine or offer replacement parts and can offer part exchange. Please contact us for prices.

Engine Rebuild from £750
Front Suspension Rebuild from £250
Rear Suspension Rebuild from £250
Rear Axle Rebuild from £300
Front Hub and Front Hub Rebuild from £100
Rear Brake Rebuild from £200
Gearbox Rebuild from £400



Innocenti produced in-depth service schedules for the Lambretta three-wheelers as they did with all of their vehicles. To ensure your Lambro is as reliable as possible and to prevent damage we recommend that you do service your Lambro.

Service (recommended every 1200 miles) Parts additional as they depend on the model £120


If there is something you would like advice on or for us to do for you that is not listed above, please contact us via email, phone or facebook and we will be happy to help.