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Lambro 600V and 600M

In 1970 the 600M and 600V were launched, with handlebars on the M and a steering wheel on the V. The 600M and 600V were exactly the same as the 550M and 550V, their launch was simply a name change.

On the 20th January 1970, all Lambretta and Lambro Licensees, Concessionaires and importers were advised that the Lambro had received approval from the Italian Traffic Authorities of a 600kg working load and the name changed with immediate effect.

To view the letter - click the photo for a larger copy. There were a number of the 550M and V produced after this date but new orders from this point used the new denomination.

Lambro 550ML

Italian production Dates: March 1970 - December 1970
Chassis Prefix: 43-ML

The Lambro 550ML was produced for the shortest time of all of the standard production Lambro models. The 550ML was manufactured alongside the 500ML, 600V and 600M.

The 550ML appears to fit in the middle market, featuring handlebars and both a carrying capacity and back size larger than the 500ML but smaller than the 600M. It retains the round headlights of the 500ML design rather than the square headlights of the 600V/M.


Pictures and Information



Technical Specifications

DIMENSIONS (motorchassis with pick-up body) ENGINE
Overall Length (m) 3.18 Type: Two stroke- single cylinder – air cooled
Overall Width (m) 1.465 Cubic Capacity (cc): 198
Overall Height (m) 1.635 Bore (mm): 66
  Stroke (mm): 58
WEIGHTS Max Horse power. (HP):  9.9
Curb weight (kg) 370  
Loading Capacity (kg) 550 GEARBOX
  Type: Gear Change control on handlebar
PICK UP BODY Speeds: 4 speeds and reverse
Type: Open flatbed with drop sides  
Length of Body (m): 1.7 PERFORMANCE
Width of Body (m): 1.4 Maximum speed at full load (km/h): 63.7km/h
Loading Height (m): 0.65 Consumption (according to CUNA specification) (l/100km): 4.7
Height of folding gates (m): 0.280 1km from a standing start,(free use of the transmission path) :72.45 secs


CLUTCH Multi-disc in oil bath
Service Brake drum-type, hydraulic system,pedal operated and working similtaneaously on the 3 wheels
Secondary and Parking brake: mechanical system, hand operated with hand lever
Tyre Size: 4.50 x 10T (4 pr.)
Wheel Type Automotive type rims
Front: Double arm fork with external springs and hydralic shock absorbers
Back: two longitudinal leaf springs and hydralic shock absorbers
FRAME AND BODY Steel sections welded to the traditional tubular beam central
  Body made ​​of pressed steel
DRIVING The handlebar is in the centre of the cabin.
ENGINE MOUNTING Engine and gearbox mounted on 4 elastic supports