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Identifying a Lambro


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Welcome to the Identify a Lambro tool.

Throughout the production of the Lambretta three-wheeler there were many changes made to the design of the models. When browsing infomation on Lambros, looking to buy or looking for details of what it 'would have' looked like' its often useful to be able to work through some steps to identify the Lambro you are looking at.

To use this tool, first select the tab on the top bar which relates to the cabin, so for example if it has a rounded cabin, select the 'Round cab' tab to proceed to the next questions.

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    Select cabin size.....

    Sometimes difficult to tell this from the side or if you have nothing to compare it to. Narrow cab Lambretta three-wheelers were only produced until 1960, they would have had either a 'Lambretta' script badge on the side or a 'Lambretta' and 'Li 175' badge. The narrow cabins also did not originally have indicators fitted.

  • Wider Cab
  • Narrow Cab
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Select Headlight Configuration...

Wider round cabins produced from 1960 though until 1969 were either produced with one central headlight or two mounted in pods on the side of the front of the cab.

  • Single Headlight
  • Twin Headlight

Select Wheel Size.....

Lambros on 8" wheels tend to look a little smaller than the 10" Lambros. If you are struggling, look to see which way the forks are. If they are the opposite way round to Lambrettas (IE they have leading links/fork arms) go with 10"

  • 8"
  • 10"

Possible Models:

Li 175 Series 2 or Lambro 175

These two Lambros are the hardest to differentiate as the Lambro 175 was a culmination of the technical amendments to the Series 2 and relaunched as the Lambro 175 to compliment the new Lambro 200 in 1963.

There are a number of visable amendments which will help:

1. Front Forks - the front forks on the early li 175 Series 2 were an LD style fork (changed at chassis number 469619 in 1961). After this the forks were a Lambretta Series 2 style fork

2. Suidide Doors -


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Select Engine Location...

  • Inside the Cabin
  • Outside the Cabin
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