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Lifetime Membership Fee: £15

Official member benefits at this time include the following.

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*Design subject to change but will of course be fantastic and Lambro related

The Lambro Club UK has been working hard behind the scenes to help Lambro owners and enthusiasts. We have created a vibrant and active facebook group for Lambro lovers and been heavily involved with the creation of Both of these support mechanisms have been created and we have ensured that they will be provided to the entire community free of charge. They are not a member benefit as we feel that regardless of the possible financial advantages to the club, the information and support provided by the facebook group and the website are essential for Lambro and Lambretta three-wheelers to be restored and therefore survive.

Having said this, we hope that the Lambro community will support us in our missions to help you.

Membership is available for everyone, in the UK or worldwide, owners and enthusiasts.

We hope in the near future to be able to offer dating certificates directly through Lambro Club UK and are in negotiations regarding discounts and offers at appropriate Lambro related businesses.

We hope as the club grows with your support that we can increase these benefits to match the larger Lambretta clubs in the UK.

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