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About the Lambro Club UK

For many years the Lambro and Lambretta three-wheelers have been a much loved but rare vehicle on UK roads. In the past few years as owners' Lambros have reached the end of restorations and more have become available in the UK, their popularity has increased.

We are a group of individuals who love Lambros and have created a club with the overall aim of bringing Lambro and Lambretta three-wheeler lovers together to share our common interests.

This club has been designed for enthusiasts and owners alike. Its inclusive rather than exclusive so even if you don't own a Lambro you are more than welcome to join the club.

There are a number of objectives that we are trying to achieve through the formation of the Lambro Club UK. These initially include:

Aside from more specific aims of the club, we are moving towards protecting and guarenteeing the existence of an Iconic vehicle. There are many Lambros currently being restored by our members but there are still Lambros in barns and outbuildings around the world. As these turn up for sale, we hope to be able to support you in restoring your Lambretta three-wheeler, hoping they will be here for another 60 years.